Rewrites articles with Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Spinner is the tool that rewrites text with alternative sentences through machine learning.


Create unique content from text

Google and other search engines could understand an article's content thanks to Machine learning. Usual spinner doesn't work anymore in this case, because they basically replace words. This is not enough.

We focused to solve this problem and trained a neural network to generate totally new and unique content. We use Google's NMT technique to generate alternative sentences.

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Language processing is the key

We basically scan our database to find grammerly similar sentences and check that if they both have same grammer structure. If they have, we apply original content to generate new unique content.

We use Google's Natural Language Processing API to match sentences. Please visit API docs for more information.


Powerful Wordpress Plugin

Our plugin has automatic spin, exclude and include categories, spinning some spesific sections like only title or content features on it. It's very powerful and it fits for almost all purposes on Wordpress.

Also we always update our plugin with user's feedback and keep it secure and stable. If you have feedback, don't hesitate to contact with us.

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Test it online and see how powerful it is.

Original Text {{content.length}} / 120
Processed Text Similarity : {{similarity}}%
A.I. Spinner only supports English language.

An Example From Service

It removes and replaces the words or change word's position and still provides same context.

Original Text :

Apart from her wedding, prom is one of the most anticipated evenings a girl grows up dreaming about.

Processed Text :

In addition to their wedding, prom night is one of the most anticipated evenings girl grows up dreaming.

pin Roadmap and New Features

We'll be adding some new stuff to make it even more awesome, if you have any idea please let us know. Click here to see our roadmap.

dev Cloud Service or WP plugin

We have cloud service and WP plugin, you could use all of them with one subscribed account.

support Helpful Support

Our support team will be assisting you quickly if you have any problem. Don't hesitate to contact with our support.

shipwheel Power of Google's NLP

We use Google's Natural Language Processing API to check grammers and their tool provides high quality results.