Frequently Asked Questions

What is A.I. Spinner?

A.I. Spinner is the tool that rewrites text with alternative sentences through machine learning.

How do I get access token for plugin?

For access token, you need purchase code, email and the domain or URL where plugin will be installed. To get access token, please go to "Get Access Token" page.

How do I contact support?

You could contact with our support any time. Please send email to [email protected] if you need support.

What kind of algorithm it is using?

We basically scan our database to find grammarly similar sentences and check that if they both have same grammar structure. If they have, we apply original content to generate new unique content.

Should i pay more after Envato purchase?

No. You don't have to pay more after Envato purchase for base service. Our base service will be available forever for Envato buyers without any additional fees. Please note that base service 20 request limit per day.

Normally 20 request limit per day is enough. But if you need more request, you could buy it on additional request page.

I don't have Wordpress page but I want to use the service?

Please go to Login page after your Envato purchase, login page will redirect to you an editor page with rich text editor. You could spin your texts with lots of features.