How do I install plugin to my Wordpress web site?

Please follow the introduction below to install Wordpress plugin to your web site.

Method #1

  • Extract the zip file that you’ve downloaded from Envato.
  • Extract the plugin zip file to a temporary folder.
  • Upload this folder to your Wordpress web site’s wp-content/plugins folder path.
  • Open web browser and go to Wordpress admin panel.
  • Go to Plugins / Installed plugins page.
  • You must see that A.I. Spinner title on plugins page.
  • Click “Activate” button and that’s it.

Method #2

  • Extract the zip file that you’ve downloaded from Envato.
  • Copy plugin zip file to a temporary folder.
  • Open web browser and go to Wordpress admin panel.
  • Go to Plugins / Add New page.
  • Select zip file from temporary folder and click “Install Now” button.
  • Click “Activate” button and that’s it.

Are there any technical requirements to use this product?

Yes, like every Wordpress plugin, there are some technical requirements for A.I. Spinner as well.

Please make sure your hosting or server provides these technical requirements. Otherwise plugin cause some problems on your Wordpress site or it basically doesn’t work properly.


  • PHP 5 or higher PHP versions on your web site
  • cURL or fopen support on your hosting
  • Outgoing and incoming data transfer should be allowed on your server for API connections

If your server provider is not willing to allow outgoing and incoming network transfers, you could allow these IP addresses and URLs specifically.


Please note that our IP addresses might change in some cases. At this point, it’s better to allow these domains only instead of IP addresses.

How do I get access token for plugin?

For access token, you need purchase code, email and the domain or URL where plugin will be installed.

To get access token, please follow the introductions below.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click “Get Access Token” button.
  • Please fill the form in this page and provide email, domain and purchase information that you’ve get from Envato with email.
  • Please make sure that you are the administrator of domain.
  • Please make sure that your email is active.

We’ll send access token information to your email after processing purchase code.

Please DO NOT share your purchase code with any one except our support team. In some cases, our support team could request purchase code or access token to verify your account information. In those cases please make sure that our support team’s email is [email protected]

Your access token only can be used on domain that you’ve provide on our form. If you don’t have extended license you can not use one access token on different websites.

If you would like to move your license to another domain, please contact to our support with providing purchase code and email information.

What is auto-spin feature and what it does?

This feature automatically spins text when it has been published or saved as draft on system. Auto-spin feature also stores posts history, so you could go back and get text’s original version in some cases.

This feature is useful in some cases, like if your web site has some auto-pilot plugins that fetches and posts posts automatically.

To enable this feature, please go to plugin’s settings page which can be found under Wordpress’s Settings menu and check the auto-spin feature. After updating your settings, posts will be spin by A.I. Spinner automatically.

Auto-spin feature does not affect the posts that has been published by user manually.

What include and exclude function does?

In some cases, you would like to spin only title of post or maybe only content of post. “Include or exclude” feature includes some sections or categories in spinning process.

We have four different spin sections on a post structure. They are :

  • Title
  • Content
  • Slug (URL of post or page)
  • Tags

You could spin all of these sections with only including them on plugin’s settings page. You could also exclude some categories on spinning process. This can be done on settings page as well.

How to enable auto-spin for specific post types?

You would like to enable auto-spin feature for specific post types. In cases like that, you could spesify the post types, you would like to enable auto-spin feature.

It can be done on plugin’s settings page. We support these post types : post, page and product.

If you need specific post types, please send request to our support team.

How do I contact support?

You could contact with our support any time. Please send email to [email protected] if you need support.

Please note that you could also write to us on Envato.

Refund policy for plugin

You could refund our plugin on Envato market in some cases. Please check out this page if you need to refund plugin :

Refund will be approved by our support team and your access token will be disabled on our systems. Please note that when you refund the plugin, you have to provide your access token.

Plugin source code and file structure

Our plugin has clean and simple file structure. It only 3 different files in it’s folder.

The files are : ai-spinner.php, plugin.php, settings.php

Please download plugin only from Envato sources.


This theme or plugin item is entirely licensed under the General Public License (GPL). You will find a copy of the license text in the same directory as this text file. Read more about licensing here: